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Thank you for your continued support of the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign (WSDC).  With your help, we successfully defended every Democratic senate seat, including Sen. Mark Mullet, and grew our caucus with Lisa Wellman’s impressive victory over a two-term Republican Senator.  Your support made significant difference in the outcome of those races!

Sen. Sharon K. NelsonDemocrats only need to pick up one seat to regain control of the Washington State Senate, and in 2017 we have a tremendous opportunity.  Next year, there is a special election for the Republican-held 45th Legislative District State Senate Seat. The winner of that race will determine control of the State Senate.  In 2016, voters in the 45th Legislative District supported Hillary Clinton with 64.8% of the vote, Governor Jay Inslee with 57.7%, and Democratic congressional candidates with 60.5%.

With Donald Trump in the White House, a Democratic majority in the State Senate is more important than ever to protect Washington from attacks on our civil rights, our health care, and our environment.


With your support, the Senate Democratic Caucus we can capitalize on the opportunity before us and take back the Senate in 2017.


signatureSenate Democratic Leader Sharon K. Nelson, WSDC Chair