Sen. Dhingra, Sen. Randall, Sen. Das, and Sen. Saldaña
T’wina Nobles
2019 Caucus

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit Washington State during the final days of our 2020 legislative session, we acted swiftly, authorizing $200 million in state funding in support of public health and our communities. Following session’s adjournment, we knew we would need to adapt quickly and reorganize our campaign strategy to keep our communities safe while still connecting with voters.

We transitioned from doorbelling to calling and texting, from public rallies and events to online organizing. These adjustments led to a successful 2020 cycle for Washington State Senate Democrats.  We maintained our 28-to-21 majority and elected the first Black senator (T’wina Nobles – 28th District) in a decade by flipping a Senate seat that has been held by Republicans for more than 50 years.

We are so thankful for your support that helped deliver a strong Democratic majority for what will be a session unlike any other in Washington State history. With a remote session, we’ll face logistical challenges, but we will not be deterred from addressing Washington’s top priorities of pandemic recovery, police reform and racial justice, climate, public schools, housing, and health care. It will take responsible and thoughtful leadership to ensure that everyone has access to health care, that our health care system has the capacity to treat everyone, that people can return to work and school safely, that our budget adequately responds to this unprecedented public health and economic crisis, and that we carefully evaluate what we have learned from this pandemic and make the system reforms to protect our people.

In addition to navigating COVID-19 response and recovery, we are gearing up for an important year of redistricting and getting ready to defend our majority. Democrats should be prepared to face a challenging year in 2022, especially since the President’s party usually performs worse in lower-turnout mid-term elections. We will have 16 Democratic seats up, including six Senators running for re-election for the first time. Your support would mean a great deal to us as we work to protect and expand our majority.

I look forward to working with you in the months to come and welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments.

Jamie Pedersen

Chair, Washington Senate Democratic Campaign