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Senate Democrats had an outstanding session in 2018.  Five years of gridlock and frustration came to an abrupt end in November 2017.  We organized our leadership and committees within two weeks and appointed an outstanding new chair of the Ways & Means Committee, Senator Rolfes.  Working closely with our colleagues in the House, we resolved the long stalemate on the capital budget and reached compromise on rural water wells; we met our constitutional obligation to fund public schools; we passed major policy reforms on voting rights, reproductive parity, equal pay, conversion therapy, gun responsibility, net neutrality, net pens, oil spill prevention, legal financial obligations, credit freezes, and home care; and we completed work on our three well-crafted supplemental budgets and ended on time.

This progress was made possible by hard-fought victories in the 41st district in 2016 (Senator Wellman) and in the 45th district in 2017 (Senator Dhingra), which restored our working majority.  And those victories were made possible by the outstanding work of the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign (WSDC).  Our staff, members, volunteers, and donors mounted unprecedented efforts to retake those seats and protect incumbents such as Senator Mullet (5th district).

As the new Chair of the WSDC, I am honored and excited to build a larger and stronger team for the 2019 session.

There is very little question that our majority can grow in November.  Our incumbents in contested districts, Senator Hobbs (44th district) and Senator Kuderer (48th district), are working hard and taking nothing for granted.  And we have recruited strong challengers in at least six swing districts held by Republicans: Claire Wilson (30th district); Pinky Vargas (42nd district); Emily Randall (26th district); Jessa Lewis (6th district); Mona Das (47th district);  and Irene Bowling (35th District). Winning several of these races is within reach and would open up opportunities for even greater progress in the next session, building lasting prosperity and supporting our shared values of fairness and opportunity for every resident of our state.

I look forward to working with you in the months to come and welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments.

Jamie Pedersen

Chair, Washington Senate Democratic Campaign