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Thank you for your continued support of the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign (WSDC).  With your help, we successfully flipped the Washington State Senate blue with Manka Dhingra’s impressive victory in the 45th Legislative District.

Sen. Sharon K. NelsonWashington families are tired of the sniping, the backbiting, the gridlock, and the political games going on in Olympia. They want a legislature that will actually tackle the big issues we are facing as a state, a legislature that will put people first, not the special interests who have been prioritized by the Senate Republicans. They are tired of the endless special sessions, and the special deals for the special interests.

For years, Senate Republicans in Olympia have been obstructing progress and ignoring the voters’ will on the issues we care about and value as Washingtonians, from fully funding our public schools, to denying essential gun safety legislation, to blocking action on climate change.

This will now change with a Democratic Senate.

After picking up senate seats from Republicans in 2016 and 2017, Democrats now hold the Washington State Senate, with ample opportunity to not only move forward on an aggressive agenda that will put people first, not the special interests, but expand the majority in 2018 for the upcoming biennium.

If 2017 was bad for Republicans, 2018 is going to be worse. Democrats won’t be defending our new Senate majority – we’ll be expanding it. Between the demographics of the districts up in 2018, the trending political mood of the electorate, and the opportunity in 2018 to contrast a Democratic agenda with what Republicans have been doing in the Senate for years, Democrats are well positioned to pick up additional Senate seats next year.

With your support, the Senate Democratic Caucus can capitalize on the opportunity before us and grow our majority in 2018.

Join us!


signatureSenate Majority Leader Sharon K. Nelson, WSDC Chair